Custom Guided Tours for Travel to Ladakh

Ladakh is known as the land of high passes because of the mountains surrounding it. Though currently threatened by an increasing number of visitors, Ladakh is worth the visit. With its spectacularly jagged mountain views and the colorful gompas (Buddhist monasteries), Ladakh is a unique, often forgotten region of north India.

When to Visit

Because travel in Ladakh requires driving through treacherous high passes, you’ll want to plan a tour here during the spring and summer months, as from October to May (and sometimes longer) heavy snow can close off these passes completely.

What to See

Leh Palace is always first on the list of places to see in Ladakh, as the rooftop views are absolutely breathtaking, and the cozy interior houses exhibition spaces and a small, beautiful prayer room. It takes a trek to get to Leh Palace, but it’s worth the trip.

As can be expected from a mountainous region like Ladakh, there are some spectacular mountains to see and equally jaw-dropping ravines and gorges. Yapola Gorge is a must-see while in Ladakh, as the soaring rocky sides and exhilarating hiking spots are sure to get your blood pumping. While there, stop in nearby Hanupatta for tea and noodles heading back.

Finally, no Ladakhi tour would be complete without visiting a gompa, and the fabulous monastery complex of Old Diskit is the perfect choice. Nestled into a mountain and accessible by a mass of tight, hairpin turns, Diskit Gompa is a trek, but the views make the trip worth it. Be sure to check the visiting hours beforehand, as most of the monasteries close early and for lunch, depending on where you go and the time of year. You don’t want to make the trek up the mountain for nothing.


Only an hour and a half flight away from Delhi, you are transported to a new world, bounded by the world’s two mightiest mountain ranges, the Great Himalayan and the Karakoram, which vary in altitude from 9,000 to over 25,000 feet. While most of Ladakh is high altitude desert, the climate changes quickly in the mountains, even within a span of only a few hours, from Lake Pangong to the summit. The day may start out sunny and warm and suddenly change to blizzard conditions that last only a few minutes, with enough snow to throw snowballs and sip a hot drink at one of the stations.

A recommended approach to experiencing this country is to select a tour according to the terrain. Following are the categories from which to select and then email us for a complete itinerary or custom created tour:

  • Indus River – the colorful mountain landscape and rugged terrain makes for a memorable drive alongside the river.
  • Lake Region – This region is home to some of the most beautiful lakes you’ve ever seen, Pangong and the Tsomoriri lakes. You won’t want to miss driving, biking, or taking a taxi to this region.
  • Monastery Region – Much of the land in Ladakh is considered holy, and there are still active monks in many parts of the country. As a result, monasteries are common, and a wonder to behold.
  • Adventure Tours – If you’re seeking a more rugged, active experience, adventure tourism is popular, including activities like Jeep safaris, mountain biking and trekking, and expeditions to various attractions and structures.

Call or email us for a full itinerary and details.