Payment & Booking Terms

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Please read these conditions carefully as they incorporate the basis upon which bookings and travel reservations are accepted by Golden Fish Travels…


DEPOSITS & FINAL PAYMENTS: A minimum non-refundable deposit per person is usually required within 7 days of confirmation in order to hold your travel reservation. (Some more exclusive resorts or specific vendors have additional deposit requirements.) Final payment is to reach Golden Fish Travels no later than 60 days prior to departure. If for any reason your deposit or balance payment is not received by Golden Fish Travels on or before due dates, we reserve the right to cancel the booking and to access the appropriate cancellation charges.*

* Exceptions: Most exclusive resorts have different deposit and payment requirements.

LATE BOOKINGS: Bookings made within 45 days of departure will only be accepted if accompanied by full payment via credit card or certified check. A late booking fee of $25 per person may be applied to cover additional handling and ensure speedy processing and postage for the last minute travel.

CHANGE FEES: Unless specifically waived with insurance purchase, the following change fees may apply. For each change to a confirmed booking (including the changing of departure dates) a charge of $25 may be applied for extra handling. If documents have been sent out, a charge of $50 will be applied to expedite processing the ensure prompt delivery of your new travel documents. The charges provided for in this paragraph are in addition to the charges or penalties which may be assessed by the validating airline for reissue of tickets.

CANCELLATIONS: For cancellations received by Golden Fish Travels, that qualify for refunds, the following cancellation policy will apply in addition to any other fees charged by the relevant hotel, other supplier. Submit all refund requests in writing.

CANCELLATION FEES: Cancellations received 90 days or more prior to departure, the deposit and 20% or the total tour cost will be charged by GFT.

89-60 days: the deposit and 20% of the tour price by GFT

59-30 days: the deposit and 50% of tour price by GFT

29 days or less: 100% of tour price by GFT

REFUNDS: No refund will be given after the trip has started. No refunds will be made for unused portions of the trip including, but not limited to, airfare/, transfers and accommodations. If it is believed that a refund is appropriate under the provisions of these terms and conditions (including cancellation by provider of service), the applicant must request the refund in writing and support the application with appropriate documents, within one month of return home. Should litigation be necessary it will take place in the State of Hawaii.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: We strongly advise that you purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy to cover all aspects of your holiday including the loss of deposit through cancellation, loss of baggage and personal items, personal injury and death, inclement weather clause, pre-existing medical condition waiver (includes traveling parties and immediate family. This usually must be purchased between 7-14 days after initial deposit depending on insurance carrier). Golden Fish Travels, will assist you with the purchase of travel insurance. Most insurance policies have the most complete coverage if purchased within 7 days of initial deposit/payment. Insurance premiums are non-refundable.

PRICE INFORMATION: Prices include the cost of tour components, research and planning, and documentation. Due to industry regulations package prices are not subject to itemizing components. All information on our web site is accurate as of March 2003 or other date noted, and is subject to change without notice if required.

CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: Golden Fish is registered as a California Seller of Travel, Registration No. 2119609-40. Registration does not constitute approval by the State of California. Golden Fish is a Hawaiian travel agency, complies with Hawaiian law and does not participate in the California Travel Consumer Restitution Fund. In compliance with both Hawaiian and California law, Golden Fish deposits all customer funds into a business client trust account. For travel outside the United States, since the business entities that provide travel are generally not required compliance with the California Seller of Travel Law, travel purchases are not covered by the California Travel Consumer Restitution Fund and purchasers assume the attendant risks and consequences thereof.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Golden Fish Travels, act as agents for services provided by operators herein and cannot be held liable for any of those providing services listed in this brochure or any other services incidental thereto. Therefore, all bookings with Golden Fish Travels, are subject to terms and conditions and limitations imposed by airlines, hoteliers, and other service providers.

Baggage and personal effects are the passengers own risks and it is the responsibility of the passenger to obtain insurance against loss or damage.

Golden Fish Travels, and the operators involved in this program shall be exempt fron all liability for losses or additional expenses in respect or any detention, delay, loss, damage, sickness, or injury, irrespective of the cause, including strikes, war, quarantine and whether or not directly or indirectly caused by any service provided or by a service provider, or by any property used or utilized by a service providers.

Golden Fish Travels, reserves the right to correct any errors, prices or omissions of information in this electronic brochure, prior to final payment being received by Golden Fish Travels. Prices are only guaranteed upon Final Payment.

GFT does not provide a visa or passport service unless indicated otherwise.
Approximately 3 weeks prior to scheduled departure, Golden Fish Travels, will mail out your travel documents provided full payment has been received.
Booking with Goldenfish Travels LLC online constitutes acceptace of the above booking terms and refunds policy. Goldenfish Travels LLC accepts no responsibility for loss or injury during travel and clients are encouraged to obtain travel insurance to protect travel investments.