Mozambique Custom Guided Tours

One of southern Africa’s least visited destinations, Mozambique has a little bit of everything to offer. With miles of beautiful coastline, a fascinating cultural scene, and diverse wildlife, Mozambique is definitely underrated and underappreciated, but worth a visit. The country is very large, too, so there’s no limit to what you can see and do while here.

But because of its size, we recommend either visiting the south or the north, to really get the most out of your trip. The north is home to dense bush and striking cliffs, while the coast hosts idyllic islands that are perfect for taking pictures and walking along the beach.

North Mozambique

Mozambique’s coast is an absolute gem, and a must-see in the northern part of the country. But if you head inland, there are a few spots worth mentioning. First on the list is Gorongosa National Park, a preserved area of central Mozambique. With its forests and savannahs, Gorongosa is home to hippos, lions, and elephants, and the surrounding rivers and Lake Urema attract dozens of various water birds.

Head back to the coast for the Quirimbas archipelago, where you’ll definitely want to rise early to see the sun rise. Ibo, the heart of the archipelago, is an especially enchanting place. With crumbling, moss-choked buildings and sleepy old villas, Ibo is where you can see silver artisans at work, or explore the mangrove forests that surround it.

South Mozambique

For many travelers, the first stop is Maputo, Mozambique surprisingly pleasant and striking capital city. Here, Portuguese-style cafes are common, and the commercial area is dotted with unique local shops, markets, and restaurants. Gorgeous villas overlook Maputo close by, and the city’s elegant (but now dilapidated) 20th century train station is an architectural marvel. Don’t worry, you don’t have to board a train here, but we highly recommend a visit to the station to experience its dated but stunning design. Nearby is an imposing fortress, known locally as the Fortaleza, that harks back to the Portuguese colonial era.

Next up on your itinerary should be the National Museum of Art, home to a unique collection of contemporary Mozambican work. The National Museum of Art is the top choice of museum for locals and tourists alike, and the paintings and sculptures on display provide a glimpse into the culture of the Mozambican people.

Maputo’s nightlife is another wonder you won’t want to miss. With music fusions reflecting the country’s Latin and African influences, a night in the city is sure to raise your spirits and energize you for the rest of your journey throughout Mozambique.

After Maputo, take a short flight to Bazaruto archipelago, just up the coast. This marine park is perfect for nature-watching and relaxation, and the waters are breathtakingly blue.

Custom tours and travel packages are available from Maputo to the islands of Bazaruto, Benguerra, and Pemba city.

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