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Vietnam is hugely diverse so we recommend a complete North-to-South itinerary to experience all of the political, cultural and social distinctions. By touring Vietnam historically, from French occupation, to liberation with Ho Chi Minh, to the Vietnam/American War, you can get a glimpse of the Vietnamese people and understand their culture.

Northern Vietnam

Despite a still-prevalent communist ideology, Hanoi is a fascinating place. Today it’s a vibrant city whose people embrace a thriving entrepreneurial spirit. While in Hanoi, try a day trip or an overnight cruise to Halong Bay, and visit the unique Hill Tribes of Sapa. We recommend the Victoria train and lodge as the most comfortable way to travel.

Central Vietnam

After Hanoi, head into central Vietnam, a worthwhile stop for cooler weather. Enjoy the marble mountains of Da Nang, or in Hue, see Imperial City and Thien Mu Pagoda. Goldenfish Travels offers many choices in central Vietnam.

Southern Vietnam & the Mekong Delta

Afterwards, head to Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City). See the war museum and if you’re brave enough, the Cu Chi tunnels are impressive if not horrific. Wherever you go, you can’t escape the history. Every person has a memory of a relative or friend lost in war, and to be uninformed about those stories and the vast history would mean missing an important aspect of Vietnamese culture.

We also offer eco lodges and Mekong river day jaunts which provide an up-close look at Vietnam’s vast greenery.

Contemporary Art and Culture Tour Vietnam


In the past five years, the art scene in Ho Chi Minh City has experienced growth that has placed it amongst some of the region’s most active emerging art scenes.

Although the number of contemporary art spaces is still modest, their operations reach out to a greater audience and are contributing to a better understanding of contemporary art in the country, nurturing local talent, and cooperating with foreign institutions from around the world.


Ho Chi Minh City has quite a homogenous temperature, always warm enough to wear short sleeves, shorts and sandals. But winter, from November to the end of March, is the best time to avoid the heat and humidity, with average temperatures between 28 to 30 degrees Celsius.


To get around, there are plenty of buses with regular time schedules, but there are also taxis everywhere. Best Yet, book a licensed driver with Golden Fish Travels.

Where to see contemporary art

HCMC Fine Arts Museum The Fine Arts Museum is worth a visit for its beautiful French colonial architecture, and the exhibition rooms show the development of art through the ages in Vietnam.

Galerie Quynh  One of the most well known in the city, Galerie Quynh was founded in 2004 and represents Vietnamese emerging and established artists, as well as foreign artists.

San Art The most active nonprofit, artist-run initiative in Vietnam, San Art was founded by some of the most well known Vietnamese artists.

Vietnam Tours and Travel Packages

  • Essential Vietnam — 10 days Saigon, Danang & Hoi An, Hue, Hanoi, Halong Bay
  • Central Vietnam City extensions — Nha Trang, Dalat
  • North Vietnam Hill tribe Extensions — Sapa and the northern highlands

All Vietnam tours can be extended into Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand for a complete coordinated Southeast Asia Grand tour package. For a full itinerary of Vietnam tours or to ask about our other travel options in Vietnam and other travel in Asia, please contact us by phone or email.