Malawi Custom Guided Tours

Visiting Malawi? Why not see its natural beauty up close by joining a safari group? Safaris are one of the best ways to explore Malawi’s finest wildlife viewing areas and wilderness bio systems, while interacting with the friendliest people in all of Africa, the Malawians. On safari in Malawi you can see crocodiles, antelope, and warthog up close and in their natural habitats, drinking water or fighting for survival in the wilderness. Malawi is quickly becoming one of the top safari destinations, and worth the experience. Liwonde National Park is the most popular and most well known, and guests here are guaranteed the experience of a lifetime, and a chance to learn more about the Malawi people.

If safaris aren’t your top choice, combination wilderness lodges, guesthouses, and small, intimate inns in private areas are also available near the national parks and forest reserves of Malawi.

We have taken three of the best destinations in Malawi and linked them by charter aircraft:

Domwe Island

First on the list and the most popular for tourists is Domwe Island. This island, which is part of Lake Malawi National Park, is astounding in its untouched, natural beauty, and the island has much to offer in the way of mammals and its pristine environment. The largest unpopulated island on Lake Malawi, Domwe Island is separated from the mainland only by the narrow Ilala Gap. A visit to this island is an adventure, with camping options available, and a choice to take either boat or kayak to reach it. You can also explore the surrounding Lake Malawi by diving or snorkeling, which offers a chance to see what unique creatures exist just offshore.

Mumbo Island

After you’ve finished exploring Domwe Island, head over to Mumbo, a pristine and deserted island that is also part of Lake Malawi National Park. The island hosts countless species of colorful fish and crystal clear waters, along with a maze of huge underwater boulders, making it one of the best freshwater diving spots in the world. Camping is also offered here, and the campsites boast incredibly green, sustainable practices to keep the island as undisturbed as possible.

Kaya Mawa

“Kaya Mawa” means “maybe tomorrow,” which is the perfect motto for any vacation. When you’re not camping in tents or snorkeling on Domwe or Mumbo Island, relax at the beautiful Kaya Mawa Luxury resort, right along the coast of Lake Malawi.  From the construction and the staff to integration within the local community, there is literally nowhere else like it. This island also offers plenty of perfect snorkeling and diving conditions, as well as hiking and explorations options, if you prefer to stay dry. Relax on the beach or go bird watching at Kaya Mawa, and enjoy your Malawi visit to the fullest.